The ICC Case Matrix

The ICC Case Matrix is a software platform that provides users with legal information on international criminal law, helps organize case files and manage evidence, and contains a database structure for the meeting of law and fact in core international crimes cases. Its innovative character awarded the developers the 2008 Dieter Meurer Prize for Legal Informatics. The Case Matrix has also fundamentaly influenced work processes at the International Criminal Court (ICC), in the form of the in-depth evidence analysis charts. The platform has been a catalyst for further IT and law innovation and development in the areas of international criminal and human rights law.

The Case Matrix is a service of the ICC Legal Tools Project (see The Co-ordinator of the Project uses this web site to manage some Project functions in a practical and transparent manner without cost to the ICC. Consequently, you will find extensive information about the ICC Case Matrix, an online user survey, and the log-in pages for different versions of the ICC Case Matrix on the sub-pages in the main menu on the left. The intention is to give maximum public access to the non-proprietary Case Matrix platform here as the Project progresses.